SDS is proud to introduce our newest product, Dizzlers!

SDS is proud to introduce our newest product, Dizzlers! Dizzlers were born out of a realization that the technology market doesn’t offer many affordable and long-lasting decorations for cell phones and other handheld technology. We knew that while our decals hold up in weather, they wouldn’t hold up being handled daily as the oils in our skin would wear away the ink. Luckily, we figured out exactly what we needed to protect the ink and Dizzlers were born! We had tons of immediate interest and went to town on creating several lines for them including beach, emojis, outdoor, monograms, and more! Just ask to see our catalog – we have something for everyone, with the options growing every day.

After realizing the potential and interest within the resort market, we knew that Dizzlers would be a hit with the college market too. We now offer Dizzlers for over 50 national colleges and universities; our line quickly expanded after showing these at the Tailgate and CAMEX trade shows from such a positive reception. Dizzlers are perfect for the college market because it is full of students with a variety of personal technology and tons of school spirit. Even more, we created the product to be waterproof so Dizzlers are perfect accessories to stick to your water bottles, coffee mugs and tailgating supplies when you’re celebrating on gameday.

We’re already seeing the success of Dizzlers, but can’t wait to see how far product takes off! Take a look on our site and contact SDS for more details!