SDS is proud to introduce: Dizzlers XL

Due to tremendous popularity, we have taken our newest product to the next level! Dizzlers XL have evolved from our original smaller 2″ version of Dizzlers that¬†were created as a super durable cell phone decoration. However, when our customers realized the impressive durability of the¬†product and all the additional uses, Dizzlers XL was created and we now are producing 3″, 5″ and 12″ size Dizzlers.

Although Dizzlers XL may appear to simply be a larger version of the original Dizzlers, they are quite different. Dizzlers XL have been engineered with a special, easy to apply, vinyl substrate that will conform to rougher surfaces. We then added a super strong adhesive to withstand extreme use. After printing using UV durable inks, the patented Dizzler coating is applied to make Dizzlers XL truly unique. Dizzlers XL are scratch resistant, waterproof, fade proof, and ready for almost any abuse and will remain looking as good as new. Dizzlers XL are the perfect decoration for coolers, helmets, snowboards, longboards, even kayaks and boats!


Contact Michelle today if you’re interested in receiving a sample or have any questions!


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